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We not only keep Westphalia’s good, old recipes in mind for our homeland cuisine: we also source our ingredients from honest, regional production by farmers we know in person. As we do so, we make sure the ingredients come from species-appropriate husbandry and ecologically compatible cultivation.

Though our wines are not from Westphalia, we do get them straight from the vineyards. Kiepenkerl regional beer is brewed exclusively for us by a Westphalian family-owned brewery, while the juices and the inn’s Heimatkorn originate from the region, and our coffees are, of course, fair trade. Here’s to your health!


Hot tip: Regional cuisine for at home

Lovingly packaged regional specialities are available at the inn to take away, present as a gift or keep for yourself.

Need a carrier bag? Take away our pretty cotton bag for €2.50. It’s manufactured to environmentally sustainable standards, and revenue from its sale goes to Greenpeace Germany.

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