Tradition with a fresh twist

Our guest house has a long history:
In the 13th/14th centuries there was already a brewery and bakery on the site. In medieval times, the Kiepenkerlviertel district was already a merchant quarter – after all, an “infrastructure” for battling hunger and thirst was essential.
In 1891, the famous Germania brewery was constructed here. Like many other regional breweries, Germania was taken over by a major brewery from Dortmund in the 1980’s and the brewing, which was being done externally by that point, was shut down completely.

The same cannot be said for the former Stammhaus.
In 2012, Klaus Friedrich Helmrich, the owner of the “Holstein Delicatessen” establishments in Münster and his wife Wilma von Westphalen took over Grosser Kiepenkerl to transform it into another version of guest house, so they could realize their vision of a sustainable regional cuisine.

consistently regional

To us, regional cuisine means typical Westphalian recipes that are modernized with a creative twist and prepared honestly with top quality products from the region. We only serve what is currently in season, and our vegetarian alternatives show that you can also enjoy a nice meal without meat.

consistently humane

Animal welfare and respect for all creatures is particularly important to us. That is why we only source meat from humane sources: regional Naturland farms and farmers, known to us personally, provide the animals with exercise, space, and more time to grow.
It’s true, the prices for this “quality of life” is higher, but it’s worth it in every respect, for animals and people alike as well as ethically and in regards to the taste.

consistently sustainable

We want to use resources responsibly and have our business certified every year by GreenTable. This regional principle keeps our carbon footprint small- we wash and iron many things ourselves instead of using laundromats, print on recycled paper, use green energy and try to make the world a little bit better with ideas such as “For- tomorrow bags” or straws made out of paper.
We also strive for long-term, respectful working relationships for our team, which promotes strengths and provides prospects.

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